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Soul Fortune - 86 (Coming Soon)

Release Date: TBA

Genre: Deep House

Running Time: TBA

Publisher: Soul Star Records

Label: Soul Star Records

  1. 86 Interlude
  2. Bliss (Original Mix) feat.Magic Soul
  3. Feel (Main Mix)
  4. Missing You (Main Vocal) feat. Ronnie Canada
  5. Walk This Wave (Main Vocal) feat. A Bill Free
  6. Obstobo
  7. Suite Lounge (Main Mix)
  8. Logical Minds (Main 86 Mix)
  9. Make Music
  10. Out There (Main 86 Mix)

Tribe Nova - S.O.U.L

Release Date: 18 Mar 2018

Genre: Deep Tech, Afro Tech, Tribal, Deep House

Running Time: 1h: 07m: 33s

Publisher: Club House Group

Label: N/A

  1. Bitter Sweet feat. Rene
  2. Essence of Afrika
  3. Hold Me
  4. Justice feat. Rene
  5. Voices of The Sun
  6. Yesterday
  7. Magadima
  8. The Ancestors Arrival
  9. Spiritual Conversations
  10. The Sexy Guitar
  11. No Sleep
  12. Welcome To My Soul feat. QM

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