A throwback to Soul Candi’s decade of dominance

Remember those epic Soul Candi compilations that came out between 2000-2010. These compilations were filled with the kind of music that would hit you so hard it was almost impossible to listen to the tracks standing or sitting still. This is why we are dedicating our first post to Soul Candi, for their role in not only shaping the house music industry but more importantly for bringing us all those powerful  tunes that kept us company in clubs, at work, school or at home.

We find ourselves thinking back to some of our favourites (just to name a few) like Chris Lake – Changes in my life, Dave Spoon’s remix of D.O.N.S – big fun or Knee Deep – all about love, not forgetting some of the more popular compilations in the series coming from  DJ Claude with his Muzikology compilations or Euphoniks’ compilation. This record label has influences us is a tremendous way, so much so that we can comfortably say that we fell in love with House music because of Soul Candi.

Sadly, in recent years there has been a decline in the output of these compilations by the label. There are probably numerous reasons for this is, but we just hope that in the years to come that they give us back that gift of music that we have longed for for years now. Perhaps it has fallen victim to the demands and advances of the digital age, or maybe they are making way for the new age musicians without, we can only speculate, wonder and assume for now.

Music is life

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