How important is genre to you?

There’s deep, dance, commercial, tech, soulful, dub, tribal etc. genres within the house spectrum, all these genres have something in common, more so in the SA music landscape and that is they’ve all had their high and low points. You would remember that once upon a time our house scene had kwaito influences with heavy bass lines, the early 2000s were about dance music, the mid 2000s were about deep house and the shift to tribal around 2010, based on what we have observed over time. SA’s has had the pleasure of experiencing multiple genres of house music with some surpassing the tests of time and some taking a step back and looming in the shadows of the more popular genres.

we could get all philosophical about how house music unites us and brings us together breaking borders and boundaries, but we already know that However. As much as we all love house the plethora of genres has caused an internal debate about which genre is the best. Sitting with house heads is an experience to cherish, there’s an understanding, no words needed when the bridge of a song comes on or when the DJ successfully syncs two tracks.

So, here’s a question for you. Do you think the DJ has to play your favourite genre of house music? no, they don’t. It is important to be aware of your favourite DJ or music event and the kind of music that will be played by that DJ or at that event.  At the end of the day we are all house heads, people who are conscious of the fuse between beats and words, appreciating the smallest chord, piano or snare.